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Entrance Tickets

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Tickets Add Value to the Event

  • Add fun when tied in with the theme.
  • Might be obtained as a donation from a printer or graphic artist.
  • Can be a clever publicity stunt to get graduates to the event.
  • Coordinate plans with the Publicity Committee. Ensure the graduate identification verification and check-in method will move fast enough so the graduates will not have to wait in line a long time.
  • Ensure graduates are aware of the time, date, and places they can purchase tickets. Try to be at the campus at the same times and same days each week.
  • Establish a procedure to reimburse a senior who purchased a ticket but was not eligible to attend the event (such as a senior who did not graduate).
  • Ensure the tickets are colorful, durable, and not easily reproduced. This discourages Xerox duplication of the ticket.
  • List event guidelines on the back of the ticket. Place the entrance ticket, event schedule, map, and prize tickets inside the ticket envelope.
  • Keep a list of graduate names, address, telephone numbers and ticket numbers. Bring this list every time you sell tickets. Also bring this list to the Grad Night event to help confirm graduate identification and entry.
  • If tickets are sold, be aware that some graduates will wait until the last minute and want to purchase tickets the night of the event. Ensure you have adequate tickets and cash for ticket sales at the door. Many Grad Nights charge extra for tickets purchased at the door (example-$40 advance tickets and $60 at the door).

Graduate Identification Verification

  • In many cases, large graduating class sizes make it impossible for parents to know every student personally. At these schools, the graduates are requested to bring a photo ID to verify identity. If an ID is not available, the Grad Night confirms identify either by checking the photo in the school yearbook or calling the parents.
  • After verification of identity at the event entrance, many schools place a plastic wristband on each student. The wristband is designed that it cannot be removed and reused on another person. The wristband allows an easy visual check during the night.
  • If extra ID pictures are desired, the school photographer might be willing to provide an extra copy of the pictures from the yearbook. These pictures can then be placed on I.D. bracelets or "passports."

Theme Related Ticket and Passport Ideas

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