is the place to give your graduate The Ultimate Gift of a Lifetime. We want to assist in getting your Sober Grad Night started and continue your annual event, obtaining new ideas for a successful event, networking with other Grad Night committees & suppliers and simplifying the entire process.

Table of Contents
Grad Night Manual

Whether this is your first Grad Night or if you you're a veteran volunteer, this free comprehensive guide to running your Grad Night will be an invaluable resource.

  • What is Grad Night or Sober Grad Night? The spirit of Grad Night has spread throughout the United States. Grad Nights are provided by a committed group of parents joining together with other community members to give their high school graduates a safe, sober, and spectacular graduation celebration.
  • How do we get Grad Night started at my high school? Build an Army! Developing an active core group of motivated parent volunteers is a crucial first step in planning and conducting a successful Grad Night.
  • Is Grad Night part of the PTA, PTSA, Booster Club or the Parents' Club? Not necessarily, it depends on how your particular committee is structured. Agreeing to have a PTA sponsor your Grad Night party can have many benefits.
  • Where should we have our Grad Night, on or off campus? Many Grad Nights are held at a school campus. The following information however, applies to both on and off-campus parties.
  • Do we need Insurance for Grad Night? It is extremely important that your Grad Night organization and party night event be covered by general liability insurance. Word to the Wise: General liability insurance typically provides coverage for "negligent" acts such as causing someone bodily injury, personal injury or property damage.
  • Where do we start with Constructing and Decorating our Grad Night? Large-scale construction involves transforming the local gym, (or your event area) into a far away space or time. The creation of this fantasy involves installing temporary partition walls, special lighted entryways, tunnels with sound effects, and decorated props.
  • How much and what type of food do we need for Grad Night? Food and refreshments is an important ingredient to a successful Grad Night. Coordinate the decorations in the food areas with the Grad Night theme to make it more fun. If possible, serve one or more items that relate to the theme but be sure to provide the Grad Night favorites - pizza, subs, and sodas.
  • Where do I find entertainment and activities for Grad Night? Great entertainment is truly the key to a successful and memorable Grad Night. Your entertainment should include things that the graduates are unable to do on a regular basis.
  • How do we handle fundraising for Grad Night? Fundraising is an important part of all Grad Nights. The success of Grad Night is dependent upon developing and implementing a successful financial plan. The first step is to prepare a budget. A budget is simply a financial plan to balance the estimated income against the expenditures.
  • How do we drum-up support from parents, volunteers, students and the community for Grad Night? It is true that a small group of volunteers can do everything that is needed to make this event happen, but having lots of volunteers makes it easier, more fun, and more successful. The graduating seniors and their parents are the most important group that you must get to "buy-in" to the Grad Night idea.