Table of Contents

  • Acknowledgments
  • Why Have A Grad Night Celebration?
  • Getting Started
    • The Most Important Element: The Parents
    • Grad Night Organization
    • Records
    • Sponsorship and Endorsement
    • School Support
    • Themes and Activities
    • After the Celebration
  • Insurance and Licensing
    • Grad Night Liability Insurance is a Must!
    • Grad Night Directors and Officers (D&O) Insurance
    • Vendor Liability Insurance is Mandatory!
    • Reduce Your Liability Exposure: Think Safety
    • Licenses
  • Grad Night Organization
    • Executive Committee
    • Checking Accounts and Tax Donations
    • Taxes
    • Grad Night Income Taxes
    • Applying For Status As A Nonprofit Corporation
  • Grad Night Facility
    • Alternative Facilities
  • PTA/Grad Night Committee Relationship
    • PTA Questions and Answers:
    • Summary
  • Grad Night Policies & Procedures
    • Decisions...Decisions...Decisions!
    • Summary
  • Volunteers
  • Food
  • Working With Vendors
    • Prior To The Event
    • The Big Night
    • Grad Night Is Over But The Work Isn't
  • Entertainment & Games
    • Goals & Considerations
    • Successful Grad Night Activities
    • Interactive Games
    • Contests
    • Athletic Activities
    • Beauty Related Activites
    • Special Memories Activities
    • Special Ideas For Entertainment
    • Personalized Activities
    • Home Built Games
  • Security
    • Getting Started
    • Security for the Outside Areas
    • Getting Help From Law Enforcement Officials
    • Helpful Hints
    • Training For Security Staff
    • Check-In Procedures For the Graduates
    • Check-In For the Volunteers
    • Control Center
  • Decorations
    • Getting Started
    • Site Specific Planning
    • Fire Department Guidelines For Grad Nights
  • Fundraising
    • The Budget
    • Sample Budget
    • Setting the Ticket Price
    • Fundraising
    • Fund-Raisers
    • Writing Donation Request and Thank You Letters
  • Prizes
    • Incentive Prizes, Prior to Grad Night
    • Game and Contest Prizes
    • Door Prizes and Grand Prizes
    • Random Prizes
    • Grad Night Favors
    • Obtaining Prizes
    • Establish Prize Rules
    • Thoughts and Considerations
  • Publicity
    • Suggestions For Publicity
    • Promoting Your Event Through The Media
    • Tips For Dealing With the Press
    • How To Answer A Favorite Question Repeatedly Asked By the Press:
    • Press Releases
    • Promoting to Parents
  • Entrance Tickets
    • Tickets Add Value to the Event
    • Graduate Identification Verification
    • Theme Related Ticket and Passport Ideas
  • Construction
    • Layout and Design
    • Construction Basics
    • Electrical
  • Break Down, Clean Up, and Storage
    • Considerations
  • Working With An Event Planner
  • Working With A Travel Planner

Why Have A Grad Night Celebration?

The spirit of Grad Night has spread throughout the United States. Grad Nights are provided by a committed group of parents joining together with other community members to give their high school graduates a safe, sober, and spectacular graduation celebration.

The two highest risk nights for High school students are Prom and Graduation nights. Peer pressure is highest on these two nights.

The philosophy and ideals behind the Grad Night movement are interlinked with providing an event that is safe, sober, and spectacularly fun. More than "just a party," Grad Night is a commitment by parents, school and the community to conduct a great, "once in a lifetime" celebration. Grad Night is a unique and spectacular celebration that is alcohol and drug free. It builds a spirit of togetherness among the graduates as they celebrate with old friends for one last time. A sense of community is developed as everyone works to keep the graduates entertained and safe on potentially the most dangerous night of their lives.

Grad Night celebrations are succeeding because of the commitment of the parents, the backing of school and local governments, and the generous support of the communities. The graduates like celebrating all night with their friends and, at many schools; this has become the way to celebrate this special occasion.

Everyone Benefits From Grad Night!


  • The cost is affordable.
  • Graduates will look back on this party as a very special night to remember.
  • Graduates experience a great time celebrating without the use of alcohol or drugs.
  • A new tradition has been established.
  • Every graduate has a party to attend on graduation night.
  • All graduates are together to celebrate as a class--perhaps for the last time ever.


  • Increased parent awareness and participation in school sponsored activities such as athletic events, prom, and booster programs.
  • A closer bond between the graduating seniors and the school.
  • Stronger Alumni support.
  • Establishment of a new tradition at the school that enhances the entire school community.


  • Parents know that their children are in a safe environment on potentially the most dangerous night of their life.
  • Parents have the opportunity to make new friends with other parents who work on the party.


  • The community can take pride in providing a positive experience and knowing the community could be preventing a tragedy.

You Can Do It!

These celebrations succeed best when planned and implemented by the parents. First and foremost: use as many parents and volunteers as possible. Use your school as a support group only. Start early, make it a large group effort, plan every detail, keep your enthusiasm, and be flexible.

== Plan A Grad Night For Your Seniors... They're Worth It! ==

== Good Luck ==


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