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Senior All Night Parties, or SANP - also called lock-ins, are intended to be the last big hurrah in each graduating senior's high school career. Senior All Night Parties are also a great way to keep your kids safe on a big night of celebrations!

Generating interest and getting the kids there is key to a successful SANP. One fun idea is to come up with the theme for the night, and tie in activities to your Senior All Night Party theme. For instance, you could have a theme of "Making Magic Memories", use our Casino Magic Theme, and invite a magician, a fortune teller, a Hypnotist, as well as having lots of Casino games. Some schools even keep the theme of their Senior All Night Party a secret from the seniors to keep interest high!

We at Anderson's understand the importance of your senior party and have lots of great themes and decorations to make your seniors' big night a smashing success! Read on for lots more Senior All Night Party ideas!

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